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Media Monday (4): Hunger Games

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AHHH! I am a bad blogger! In fairness, I did have a TON going on in the past week and a half (a birthday, two house guests at different times AND taking care of my parents house while they’re out of town) and therefore I do have a good excuse. But I promise I will be better, I really do. Especially because my new blog design is here! I begged the lovely Phanee of Funny Wool to help me out and I think she has done an amazing job.

For this week’s Media Monday, I’d like to talk about the movie that has everyone on the blogosphere talking: Hunger Games. I’ll be honest, I’m a little on the fence about this one. It has been forever since I read the first book, and I didn’t remember much about it. It obviously was pretty good, since I kept reading the rest of the series, but I’ve read so much since, that all I remembered was the basics. My last encounter with the series, though, left me raw. After Mockingjay I went through a terrible funk. Remembering that, I wasn’t sure I wanted to even watch the first movie. It’s like (and don’t kill me for this) I won’t watch the movie Titanic because I know exactly how it ends, and I’m not interested, no matter how good a story you say it is. I didn’t want to start watching because I know it’s going to kill me in the end.

But then I started seeing the pictures. I watched the trailers when they were on television. I began to see people list their favorite quotes, and gush about the things they were most looking forward to. And let’s be honest, even though I remember seeing Josh Hutcherson in films when he was very obviously pretty young, I totally called it when I said he’d be a heartbreaker someday!

So now, my resolve to not watch The Hunger Games when it comes out is beginning to crack. Today I went so far as to pull the first book off my shelves, and become reacquainted. Despite having bought it less than a year ago, I hadn’t got around to rereading it yet, and I figured it was time. The more I read, the more I remember why I liked the series in the first place, and the harder it is to resist the siren song of those trailers.

In essence? Convince me. Tell me why I should watch the film, knowing that in three years (or however long it takes) I’m going to get my heart not only broken but ripped out of my chest and completely trompled on. Maybe that’s what I need to finally change my mind.

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