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Eric Eric by
Series: Discworld #9
Published by in 2002
Pages: 224

An inept demonologist wants three wishes granted--to be immortal, to rule the world, and to have a beautiful woman fall in love with him. But instead of a demon, he calls up Rincewind, the most incompetent wizard in the universe. Because Eric gives him no other choice, Rincewind tries to grant him his wishes--with hysterical results.

My Review:

This book is supposed to be a satire on the story of Faust (in fact, many of the covers for other editions list it as Faust with a strikethrough and rewritten as Eric). I will be the first to admit that I know practically nothing about the Faust legend and what I do know is filtered through retelling upon retelling in various mediums. I don’t really feel qualified to judge it in relation to Faust, because I don’t know the original.

In relation to the rest of Pratchett’s work though, I’d say this is the runt of the litter – mediocre at best. Rincewind was never my favourite storyline of his (what can I say, I have a thing for Sam Vimes and Captain Carrot!). Without knowing what he is parodying and honestly having trouble finding the “funny” I’m just not impressed.

The one redeeming factor, for me, was Pratchett’s portrayal of Hell. I like the idea of boredom as Hell, because he’s right, once you’re dead, you have no body and therefore shouldn’t be able to feel the pain of the fires… Anyway, that bit made me chuckle a bit, and was actually quite good, though I lost track of what was going on towards the end.

So, overall, a mediocre read – I would only recommend it to someone who is desperate for a new Pratchett book, not someone looking to read Pratchett for the first time.

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