Book Review: Fragile Eternity

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Fragile Eternity Fragile Eternity by
Series: Wicked Lovely #3
Published by in 2009
Genres: , ,
Pages: 389

Aislinn, who became a faerie in the first book, now has to deal with the awkward--verging on impossible--position of still being in love with her mortal boyfriend Seth, whom she can't even touch without burning. To complicate things further, as the new Summer Queen, Aislinn is eternally bonded to Keenan, the Summer King, and the attraction between them is palpable and constant. In the doomed loves that permeate these books, Marr deftly explores the essence of longing as she questions notions of fated love. Her characters are strong, with even the nastiest of the faerie troublemakers coming through as absolutely compelling and sympathetic. And their situations are rife with conflict, from the impossible mortal-faerie relationships to the ancient familial and courtly spats within the faerie realm.

My Review:

I was really excited to pick this book up after the first two. I was especially excited to return to the story of Aislinn and Keenan, because the first book left me wanting more. Unfortunately (and funnily enough) this book felt much like the fifth Harry Potter – the Pillar of Angst of the series. The whole book was one huge angsty problem of Aislinn’s immortality and Seth’s lack of it. Not that it wouldn’t be something I would worry about, but a whole book that’s mostly made up of thoughts and worries isn’t my favourite thing. I wanted a little more action.

Honestly the whole point of the book was to

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make Seth into a Faerie
. That was the only plot point that I could see affecting the rest of the series, and I would have preferred it in a short story format so that I could get on with the rest of the story.

Still, I love Marr’s writing style, and I do love the characters. I am glad I read this one, as it will probably be integral to the series and I’ll be able to see how later. I’m so excited to get started on Radiant Shadows!

More reviews coming soon – having the flu gives me an excuse to just sit around all day and read, no matter how much it sucks in other ways.

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