Cinder Read-Along

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Cinder Read-Along
I know. I’m crazy. I’m rereading three books already, and I want to add a fourth to that? But, but, BUT! Cinder is THE BEST, and I just got my copy, and I need an excuse to read it (since I now have MY OWN), plus I really REALLY want to! SO, I am joining the Cinder Read-Along! It is being hosted by Tt at Neverending Stories and Alice at Rotten Apple Reads and the schedule is as follows:
Here is the Schedule:
1/15- Read to Chapter 2
1/16- Read to Chapter 4
1/17- Read to Chapter 6
1/18- Read to Chapter 8
1/19- Read to Chapter 10
1/20- Read to Chapter 12
1/21- Read to Chapter 14
1/22- Read to Chapter 16
1/23- Read to Chapter 18
1/24- Read to Chapter 20
1/25- Read to Chapter 22
1/26- Read to Chapter 24
1/27- Read to Chapter 26
1/27- Read to Chapter 28
1/28- Read to Chapter 30
1/29- Read to Chapter 32
1/30- Read to Chapter 34
1/31- Read to Chapter 35
2/2- Read to Chapter 36
2/3- Read to Chapter 37
2/4- Read to Chapter 38
2/5-Done (Last day to tweet) Scarlet by Marissa Meyer Released!
The best part is 2 winners will be chosen to receive a signed copy of either Cinder or Scarlet at the end! I probably won’t be updating here that much, but I’ll definitely be tweeting about it! Anyway, click the link above to sign up and join us!

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  1. Ooh … this looks like fun! I’m terrible at read-alongs, but I wish you luck! I have to read this one soon … I hear it’s awesome!

    • Anne says:

      YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS ONE YET EITHER????!!!! If you have read The Hobbit, but not Cinder by the time you need a free-square suggestion then YOU ARE READING IT! But it shouldn’t come to that, right? RIGHT????

  2. […] Tuesday I reviewed Dark Star by Bethany Frenette and signed up for the Cinder read-along. […]

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