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Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge is where Tara @ 25 Hour Books and Amanda @ On a Book Bender shamelessly plug each other, share the fantastic posts, giveaways, or whatever else we’ve found and loved by other awesome bloggers (or authors!) during the week, and talk about the books we plan on reading in the coming week. [Description borrowed from On a Book Bender]

After talking to Amanda, I’ve decided to continue with this weekly feature. She made it pretty clear she didn’t want everyone quitting, so yeah. That’s that, I guess.
 The Corner Newsstand
(This week on Creativity’s Corner)


Behind the Desk
(My life behind the scenes)

  • Armchair BEA was a little bit of a disappointment for me. I enjoyed the finding new blogs and making new friends aspects – I’ve got at least 20 new subscriptions in my RSS feeder, probably about 20 times a typical week of new subscriptions. Unfortunately, the topics for discussion were less than inspiring, which is why once my work week started on Wednesday, I just… stopped posting. The posts were all about things we do with blogging in the “real world” and as I pointed out to Alissa (The Grammarian’s Reviews) on Twitter – there’s a reason I was doing Armchair BEA – I don’t live somewhere where that kind of contacts are possible! In future years, I hope I’ll be able to attend actual BEA, but if not, I will definitely be taking a closer look at the proposed topics for discussion before joining.
  • The Outlander Read-along starts the 11th! You can join here if you’re interested.
  • I know I was a bit MIA towards the end of the week and I want to apologize. Between family emergencies (my grandfather went into the ER last weekend, and had to have an emergency pacemaker put in – he’s much better now, but it was a scary couple of days) and just a general self-overbooking, I’m feeling the beginnings of burn out. Luckily, this time, it’s not blogging burn out. I have tons of ideas for fun posts. I just have to get around to writing them. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, and I promise I’ll try to get back to normal asap!


Around the Corner

(Blog posts I found awesome since the last post)
  • There were a lot of great posts as part of Armchair BEA, and I encourage you to check them out at the site if you’re interested.
  • Rachel @ Parajunkee did a post on the top ten reasons she unfollows blogs. I’m not quite as strict about this as she is, but she has a good point. I would add that I’ll unfollow if I don’t really have any interests in common with you. Sorry, but there’s too many blogs out there for me to be following ones I’m not that interested in (I woke up to 178 unread posts in my feeder this morning alone!)
  • Alissa @ The Grammarian’s Reviews has an interesting post on her position on grammar, and the distinction between grammar lovers and grammar “nazis.” Love it!
  • Felicia @ Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog wrote a rant on ebook pricing. I happen to agree with her – if an ebook is over $6-7 I’m not interested. I think there are lots of sides to this argument, though, and I by no means have done the research to have quite such an articulate position on it.


Reading Digest
(Books I’ve read in the past week and books I plan to read next)
  • Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore – UH-MAY-ZING! Not much else to say. Except that now I want to go back to Graceling and read all the way through the series. And have discussions. And fangirl all over again. (Okay, really though, if I were to host a read-along of Graceling in a couple of months, or maybe early next year, would anybody be interested in joining in?)

Currently Reading:

  • Advent by James Treadwell – Still working on it, but I only have a little over 100 pages left! That’s one sitting… if I could just make myself do it :/
  • Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison – Amanda and Kelly kind of bullied me into reading this one. It’s good, but it’s been forever since I’ve read ADULT paranormal and I’m feeling the need for some happy-go-lucky feel-good stuff. Like, I dunno, I need to wash my mind out with Disney (that may partially be the symptoms of burn-out, it always seems to manifest itself with the need for an overdose on stupid childish rom-coms, which I am secretly addicted to).

Up Next:

  • Struck by Jennifer Bosworth – went after this one completely on the trailer, and it’s kind of the basis for my book trailer post. I am SO excited to read this one
  • Starters by Lissa Price – Got it out once and had to turn it back to the library before I could finish. This time, it’s due on the 16th, and I am determined to get it read in time!
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – Um. Read-along starts Monday, aka tomorrow. Haven’t even started it yet. PROBLEM!


I’ve got a ton of reading to catch up on, so I’m out for the day. If you have any great posts that you think I missed, please let me know!

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8 Responses to “Clock Rewinders on a Book Binge 6”

  1. Felicia says:

    I read the Parajunkee post too and I think I just unfollow blogs if we don’t have anything in common too. It doesn’t mean they aren’t great blogs (in fact many of them are) but if we never once connect on some level then I am not their readership. That being said I do follow quite a few blogs that read different than me because I like seeing what is out there. Hey I need someone to tell me what 12 YA books I should read in a year :)

    • Anne says:

      Yep, that’s it exactly! I need a few blogs to remind me to read adult books once a month or so, but if you review all contemp, then no matter how great your blog is, I’m not that interested. I will make an exception, though, if I really like the blogger. I find some bloggers review things I’m completely not interested in, but have great discussion posts, or are just really nice people, so I’ll follow. It’s a complicated business, this “who should I follow” stuff!

  2. I don’t know that I would participate in a read-along, especially now that I’ve already read the book, but I know that Smash and Tara both want to reread the series. Maybe you could work something out with both of them?

  3. Alissa says:

    Aww, thanks for linking me! :)

    I wish Armchair BEA had turned out better for us, but maybe next year won’t be as much of a disappointment. Here’s to hoping!

    • Anne says:

      You’re welcome :) It was a great post!

      Yeah, I wish it had turned out better too, but hey! At least we had something to bond over. lol

  4. Stephanie says:

    Dragon Bound was great! I hope that you like it once you feel more immersed in the adult world.

    Outlander. le sigh. I have read it once and listened to the audio book for the re-read. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the responses to the questions on Monday.

    • Anne says:

      Yeah, I think I need to just get used to it. I did really like the idea of the world etc. I’m just not used to the semi-gratuitous sexy-times. A little is perfectly fine, but I felt like I couldn’t figure out a reason for some of it plot-wise, which is where I draw the line. Ah well, it was good anyways.

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