I had every intention of writing a deep, meaningful discussion post for today. I absolutely adore discussion posts, and usually cannot keep myself from spewing word vomit all over my computer (at least in the first draft. Don’t worry, I edit most of that out.) So, I sat down and looked at my handy-dandy list of possible topics… and couldn’t focus. Nothing was interesting, though when I wrote them down I clearly thought they were all interesting enough. I tried to brainstorm some new ones… and nothing still. That’s not like me. I’m an ideas kind of person – I may not be great at follow through, but I love brainstorming ideas! Clearly, something is wrong.

Let me back up a little. I’m in a kind of transition period, hoping to go back to the school in the fall. I’ve sent in all my materials and at this point I’m waiting for decisions of various kinds – acceptance, assistanceships, you name it. And in the midst of all this, I got an email last Friday asking if I had any questions about a letter that I “should have already received.” As of writing this, I haven’t gotten it yet. At first I thought it wasn’t a big deal – the mail can be slow sometimes, so it would probably show up soon.

A few days passed. Then a few more. By now, I’m getting really nervous. From the email, I would guess this letter contained important information. As in, life direction changing information. The kind of information that you’d rather not know was coming because that only makes it harder to wait. What if they mis-typed my address (a fairly common problem for us, though usually it finds its way here anyway)? What if, heaven forbid, it got LOST IN THE MAIL?! Oh God, my future was shredded by a mail sorter! *whimpers in the corner*

So you see, I’m not really in a fit state to discuss things. In the past day or so, I have: read a few pages of a book, crocheted a doily, read a few more pages, trawled Pinterest for a few hours, watched a TV show (giving up on my Star Trek of the past few weeks for something “lighter” – hard to get much lighter than 80s/90s sci-fi, but it’s what my brain could handle), went on a spending spree on my Nook (I bought several cheap eBooks that I know will likely never read, simply because I don’t have time for everything), and read a few pages more. None of that requires much brain function, and the things that did, I didn’t stick to for long. I have four or five different books started and none of them are holding my interest because I can’t concentrate long enough to get anywhere. This whole thing is taking up WAY MORE energy than it should, but I don’t know how to stop it!


Seriously, what I wouldn’t give for THIS, instead of my current problem.

I’m sorry. I know this makes me a bad blogger. But for the moment, this is all I’ve got.

Have you ever been in a situation where something happens and you suddenly don’t want to do anything?

Edit: Of course, I write this post and the very next day I get ALL THE MAIL. Thank you, Murphy. *sarcasm*

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7 Responses to “Discussion day is cancelled due to my lack of sanity”

  1. Well, yay for getting the mail!!! Hope it contained good news. And I’ve definitely been in similar situations.

  2. Haha. I’m so glad you got your letter and I’m guessing it was good news. It is okay to not want to do anything we all go through that point in our lives.

  3. Yay! Congrats on your letter! That’s so very exciting — and you still managed a kind of discussion post. :)

    I think my brain is scattered most of the time, so I tend to be distracted a lot. I just like when it happens in the middle of the day and NOT right before bed!

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