Discussion Day: Unknown Books

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It’s Saturday again which means it’s time for another Discussion day! =) Thank you to everyone who participated last week, I found your answers really interesting!

Today’s question:

What is one book that is virtually unknown that you wish everyone would read?

While this could be a new book that just hasn’t been hyped like Tyger, Tyger or Paranormalcy(can you tell what genres I usually read? lol), it could also be a book that came out before the phenomenon of Harry Potter and Twilight hype got publishers started on hyping.
My title for this is the Faerie Wars Series by Herbie Brennan.

I grew up with this series. It got me through the times between Harry Potters and… well the times between other Harry Potters. I sat on this series, waiting for the next just as excitedly as for Harry Potter 4 (which I was waiting for when I first bought this one, I believe). This was my first YA after Harry Potter, and it has stuck with me through everything. And yet (and this is what I find hardest to believe) NONE of my book friends seem to know it. I have such a hard time discovering that a book that has been absolutely influential to my life is virtually unknown (from what I can tell). So, I try to spread the word as best I can.What are your novels like this? How do you get people to read them, and why do you think they deserve recognition?

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3 Responses to “Discussion Day: Unknown Books”

  1. Hannah Mariska says:

    i hate it when books get hyped up before they've even hit the book shop shelves! i feel like i need to it read it to see what its about, and then inevitably its not as good as you hoped! I've just found a book that doesn't have any reviews on goodreads, so i cant wait to read it without any expectations! will look up faerie wars and put them on my to read list!

  2. The Happy Booker says:

    I haven't heard of this one at all, but I love books about the Fae, I'll have to look this one up!

  3. Rubita says:

    I love it when I find a book that is a complete surprise for me. Sometimes it's hard being a blogger because that makes such books harder to find.

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