DNF Review: Odessa

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Title: Odessa (Seraphym Wars #1)

Author: Rebecca Ryals Russell

Summary: [from GoodReads]

Myrna Ashlin Watts is a high school Senior in Jacksonville, Fl when she is transported to a bizarre and primal planet corrupted by demon-dragons. And they want her dead. Her problem is, she has been recruited to kill them, too.
Reluctantly, and knowing it is her only way to get back home, she agrees to lead an army of six teens called The Vigorios (demon-hunters) all the while battling dragons and monsters as they cross swamps and mountains, forests and seas. She wrangles with mental scars of a demon attack when she was fifteen and a vision of those same demons killing her brother two years later.
Three very different men join her quest—a seasoned demon/dragon-slayer who irritates but beguiles her, a tender and sweet mentor in whom she trusts completely and a roguishly handsome Scientist who sets her senses aflame. How is she expected to lead the others and keep everyone safe with so much inner turmoil? Whom can she trust, if anyone, even herself? How can anyone expect her, a kid in high school to be a leader? Much less one who leads an army of kids in a Holy battle?
Will love and lust, jealousy, greed, deceit and distrust break the delicate tie that binds these teen warriors called The Vigorios? Can a troupe of teens help the Seraphym finally defeat the massive empire of evil dominated for eons by the demon-dragons of Dracwald?

My Review: I hate to do DNF reviews. HATE it. If I say I’m going to review something, then I dang well should finish it and review it! But I think in this case I’m going to have to, and it doesn’t have much to do with the book itself. I’m just… not in the mood or something. Normally, I would find a quick read like this easy to speed through in a matter of days. I’ve now been working on this one for over 3 weeks, and I have yet to hit the 50 page mark.


[In the interest of full disclosure some of my problem is that my Nook doesn’t seem to like the file. Every 10 pages or so it will freeze and I have to cross my fingers and reboot – which loses my place to the previous time I was actually able to turn OFF the Nook after reading it. It has been frustrating, but it seems to be only this file. That has nothing to do with whether I liked the book or not.]


From what I did read, I can say that this is an action-packed, fast paced thriller of a book. Right from page one we’re thrown into the action. That left me confused a little, because I had no context for what was happening, but it had already started to be explained when I put the book down, and I imagine it would all be further explained later. I also found the portrayal of the demons of the world amusing, if a little cliched. I was curious about the direction she was going to take her protagonists – whether they would be an exact foil as angels, or whether they would be some higher form of human.


In all honesty, if my TBR pile/list weren’t so huge right now, I probably would have kept reading. If this sounds like something you’d like, then  you should definitely go for it. It just wasn’t for me.


Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author. My apologies for the extreme delay in posting.

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