End of Construction!

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End Construction!

Don't you just LOVE these things?


It’s the beginning of summer, and yet the construction is done!

Yes, as I mentioned in my Clock Rewinders post earlier, my new blog design is finished! I am so very excited, as it reflects what I wanted perfectly! A huge thank you, again, goes out to Cialina of Paper Wings Design Studio for being awesome about all my stupid questions and nitpicky requests!

Since I changed some things during the redesign and move, due to the extra options that come with WordPress, I thought I’d give you a short tour. Eventually, this post will be converted into a page and will live in the welcome message, so don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to go through it now.

First things first, I will no longer be manually adding my reviews to a list of books in certain genres. If you scroll about halfway down the right sidebar, you’ll see a section that says “Categories.” Just click on the category you’d like, for instance “Steampunk” or “Young Adult,” and you’ll see a list of posts that I’ve placed in that category, with the short blurb. (It works a lot like the search function.) This will make my life TONS easier, as before I was spending 10-20 minutes copy/pasting links into pages after posting a review. Now, a few simple clicks, and new posts will show up automatically!

Second, commenting is very different now. Most of us in the community have probably been on both Blogger and WordPress sites, so we’re aware of the differences, but mainly: 1) If you’re viewing the homepage the link to the comments form is at the TOP of the post (I’m still getting used to this one). 2) Comments are completely threaded – remember to hit “reply” if you want to reply to a person, instead of just typing into the box provided. 3) I’ve installed a plugin that will let you know when someone replies DIRECTLY to your comment. This doesn’t subscribe you to all comments, just those in reply to yours. Even so, if you would like to opt out, there is a check-box where you can do so.

Third, NEW BUTTON! It’s pretty too, and I would really appreciate it if you’d swap it out for my old one if you still have that.

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And finally for those of you who are new around here, or haven’t already, the subscribe buttons are immediately under the search box on the right.

Disclaimer: I make no promises about the end of construction outside of this site 😛

Daleks ahead!

No promises of avoiding this, either.

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  1. What plugin are you using for comment notification? I only see the options from the Jetpack plugin, and that subscribes you to all comments (even though it says “follow up comments”).

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