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Today we have Christine Schulze with us as part of Teen Book Scene‘s Blog Tour. For a full schedule of posts please click here. I’m so excited for her to share with us her top ten playlist of songs she listened to while writing her quartet. Without further ado, I give you Christine!

Top 10 songs I listened to while writing The Gailean Quartet:

1. “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven: The music playing in my head during all the stuff that happens
in chapter thirteen of The Prism of Ashlei, “The Caves of Aquanitess”:

2. “Scarborough Fair” by Celtic Woman: Inspires the concept of the Siren of the Wood as she plays
her mysterious violin to lure unsuspecting strangers into the wood in The Silver Stag:

3. “Siren of the Wood/Reflection”: Okay, so I actually composed this one after the fact, but it
accompanies The Silver Stag, and you can listen to it here:

4. Zelda music: Both the games and their music have always inspired. I especially love the songs
from Ocarina of Time and also the opening/trailer music to Twilight Princess. I do remember
Twilight Princess inspiring some of the scenes towards the end of Elantra: Song of Tears, Lady of
the Dawn, including the side story with Adrian. Listen to a sample here:

5. “The Song of Tears”: Another inspiration of mine, made while the books were under way and
accompanying Elantra: Song of Tears, Lady of the Dawn. You can listen here:

6. “Blue Eyes”: And yet another song composed during the writing of the books. Also known
as “Gail’s Song”, it is the song Chamblain composes in Gail’s honor in The Prism of Ashlei. Hear
it for yourself:

7. I know I was listening to music from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King around this time. I
can’t think off-hand what this music might have inspired for The Gailean Quartet, but I am sure it
did, just as it influenced The Hero Chronicles. A favorite piece is:

8. Another song I composed at this time was “Ah Lum Deo” or “Ah Lum Amiel”, which is the
song the Octavial Eight battles Moragon with in The Last Musician and the Pool of Lorelei.
Unfortunately, it being a song full of both orchestral and human voices, its complexity has kept
me from putting it down on paper as of yet. However, it does allude to some of the music from
Mozart’s Requiem (don’t watch if you’ve never seen Amadeus and don’t want to spoil it!): http://

9. “She Moved Thru’ The Fair”, also from Celtic Woman. I actually listened to a lot of Celtic Woman
at this time, but this is another song inspiring the siren’s character in The Silver Stag: http://

10. Music from The Pirates of the Caribbean: After all, the vampires in The Silver Stag aren’t just
vampires; they’re vampirates:

Thanks so much for visiting Christine! Readers, keep your eyes open for a review of her book(s) coming soon!

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  1. Golden Healer says:

    Thanks very much for having me on your site!

    Readers: Go here to win The Gailean Quartet for yourself:

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