Today we are soooo lucky to have Kady Cross, author of The Girl in the Steel Corset with us for a this or that list with our favorite characters! This post is provided as part of a Teen Book Scene blog tour. For a full schedule of events on this tour click here. For my glowing review, and why this is possibly one of my favorite books of 2011 so far, click here.

1) Rain or Snow?
Griffin: Rain
Finley: Rain
Sam: Snow
Emily: Snow
Jack:  lol — Jack would prefer to remain indoors!
Jasper: Snow

2) Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Griffin: Coffee
Finley: Tea
Sam: Coffee
Emily: Hot Chocolate
Jack: Hot Chocolate
Jasper: Coffee

3) Vampires or Werewolves?
Griffin: Werewolves
Finley: Vampires
Sam: Werewolves
Emily: Vampires
Jack: Vampires
Jasper: Werewolves

4) Cats or Dogs?
Griffin: Cat
Finley: Cat
Sam: Dog
Emily: Cat
Jack: Cat
Jasper: Dog

5) Is the glass half empty or half full?
Griffin: Half Full
Finley: Depends on the day
Sam: Half Empty
Emily: Half Full
Jack: Whichever best serves his purpose
Jasper: Half Full

6) Would you rather die in a fight, or of a disease?
Griffin: Fight
Finley: Fight
Sam: Fight
Emily: Disease
Jack: Fight
Jasper: Fight

7) Would you rather go blind, or go deaf?
Griffin: Deaf
Finley: Deaf
Sam: Deaf
Emily: Deaf
Jack: Blind
Jasper: Deaf

8) Maths and science or liberal arts?
Griffin: Science
Finley: Arts
Sam: Arts
Emily: Science
Jack: Arts
Jasper: Arts

9) Do you believe in fate or coincidence?
Griffin: Coincidence
Finley: Fate
Sam: Fate
Emily: Coincidence
Jack: Coincidence
Jasper: Coincidence

10) Choose a superpower: Invisibility, Telepathy, or Flight? (really curious about Griffin and Finley here!)
Griffin: Telepathy
Finley: Flight
Sam: Invisibility
Emily: Invisibility
Jack: Telepathy
Jasper: Invisibility

11) Right or Left Handed?
Griffin: Right
Finley: Both
Sam: Right
Emily: Left
Jack: Left
Jasper: Right

Finley and/or Emily:
12) Nerd or bad boy?
Finley: Yes, please
Emily: Bad Boy

13) Blond/blue eyes, or tall dark and handsome?
Finley: Does dark and handsome include reddish brown hair and gray/blue eyes? :-)
Emily: Tall, dark and handsome

So very interesting! Thank you to Kady for visiting today!

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