I am still alive! (Mostly)

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I’m here! Only for about ten minutes, but I’m here!

I happened to have a lull in homework for the weekend (for once!) and I really miss you guys! I have to say, I’m glad I put the blog on hiatus, even if it means not talking to any of you for a long time. Schoolwork has been incredibly busy and stressful, and I haven’t even had time to read, much less blog about it! I bought Crown of Midnight the day it came out and it is still sitting on my nightstand, a bookmark barely a quarter of the way through it. Between a weekly paper on original research (that is ALWAYS ripped apart in front of the class :/ ) and at least 200 pages of scholarly reading for another class, I’m barely sleeping. And I thought I’d be able to blog – HA!

I have taken this opportunity to get myself going on comic books. I’ve always been interested, but never really taken the time to do anything about it. Reading a comic book takes a little less brain power when I’m dead tired, but still give me that comforting feeling like reading does. So far I’ve read All-Star Superman and the first volume of Saga.

Anyway, how are you all doing? I hope everything is going well, and I hope I can be back with you on my breaks!

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