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I know I’ve discussed this before, but I am positively in love with Once Upon a Time. For those of you who don’t watch, the premise is that a bunch of fairy tale creatures have been transported to real life and are living as real people. They don’t even know that they have these second lives. The main character, Emma, has to figure out a way to break the curse, but of course first she has to decide if she really believes it. To some people this may sound kind of lame, but to me it is the best new show out there! This is honestly the first time I’ve followed a show from the very beginning as it’s on every single week. It’s that good people.

And this is the point where those of you not watching have to stop reading and go watch it. I’m going to talk about last night’s episode, and you will not want to be spoiled, trust me.

I’m pretty sure this week’s episode will be my favorite of the entire season. I have no idea how they will manage to top it. First of all, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite fairy tale, and I was extremely excited to see what they would do with it when they retold it. I never expected them to make Rumplestiltskin the beast. I think it was a wonderful twist though, and it will certainly add to future twists!

Secondly my absolute favorite character is Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. He drives me insane with his mysterious demeanor and all the strange comments. But at the same time I feel so sorry for him! I am certain there is a tiny little bit of humanity left in there somewhere. I’m even more certain of it now that I’ve seen the most recent episode!

All of that to pretty much say I want the next episode, ASAP! I almost wish I had hoarded this one like I do all the rest of my shows, just so that I could watch it all at once. This watching every week thing is torture! I don’t know how the rest of the world deals with it!

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