Media Monday: Adventures of Tintin

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Title: Adventures of Tintin
Media Type: Feature Film
Director: Steven Spielberg
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Genre: Children’s movies
Summary: [from IMDB]

Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock set off on a treasure hunt for a sunken ship commanded by Haddock’s ancestor.

My Review:

I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’m getting a little too old for animated movies.

The first thing that attracted me to The Adventures of Tintin was the fact that Steven Moffat was writing. I generally like his writing after all, and it sounded like the kind of movie I would like anyway (who doesn’t like a quest for missing treasure, right?)

Unfortunately soon after the movie started my analytical brain kicked in and, well, that was that. What are the odds that someone ransacking an apartment wouldn’t notice the very thing they were looking for, even after moving what it was under?! I thought. More than once I rolled my eyes at the stupidity of the characters – even the ones that weren’t supposed to be stupid!

Now that I think about it, probably what was wrong was I figured out the mystery way before I was supposed to. Usually I beat them to the punch, but only by a little. I almost never guess before they give us any clues. So, since my brain wasn’t occupied with trying to figure out the mystery, it went to picking holes in the plot instead.

But the thing that irritated me most was Captain Haddock. I’m not usually a prude, but I really didn’t like that he “needed” alcohol to tell his story (even if they made a point of mostly sobering him up before he could remember it). Plus, I just couldn’t suspend disbelief enough to believe in him as a character.

That all makes it sound like it’s a terrible move – it’s not I swear! It just wasn’t made for my age group, so it makes sense that I didn’t like it much. Even so, I don’t think I’d recommend this one to anyone.

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  1. Steven Moffat wrote this? I had no idea! I haven’t seen the movie, but the husband did and he said it was okay. I actually don’t mine animated movies, but I don’t watch them all the time.

    The alcohol thing sounds weird to me, MAINLY because it’s a kid’s movie. I mean, in the Big Bang Theory, it’s funny that Raj can’t talk to girls unless he drinks, but this is for KIDS.

    I’m not sure if I’d watch this one … maybe once I caught up all of my other watchings!

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