Media Monday: Alice

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Alice Poster

Image belongs to SyFy

Title: Alice (Syfy)

Media Type: TV Miniseries

Released: 2009

Director: Nick Willing

Genre: Drama / Fantasy

Summary: [from IMDB] (unavailable)

Kristilyn’s Review


So, Anne is pure evil. Every few days I get a recommendation of some sort from her for a TV show I should watch, or a movie to rent, or a book to read. BUT after falling madly and deeply in love with Doctor Who (one of her awesome recommendations), I have learned to trust Anne with ALL things she urges me to dive into.


Alice was one of those things and, oh my gosh, what a ride that was! I absolutely love retellings of classics, from Grimm fairytales to classic novels, and have been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland for years. I’m sad to say that I’ve never actually read the Lewis Carroll original, but I’ve seen enough movies to know what’s going on.


Really, Alice in Wonderland is one of those stories that is so crazy and strange, that any retelling of it will be equally crazy and strange, if not more so. I mean, falling through a rabbit hole, a mad hatter, a Cheshire cat, the Queen of Hearts – it’s all so imaginative that in order to make a movie out of it, or in this case, a miniseries, the writers better have a darn good knack for the weird.


I was a little worried when I popped this movie into my player, seeing that it was 240 minutes long – I was certain that at some point I would be bored and ready for it to end, but it was such fun to watch! I loved how modern it was, that it wasn’t the same old little girl falling through the rabbit hole kind of story, but a grown woman following her boyfriend who looked to be kidnapped through a mirror to another world.


And oh, that world! The whole place just looked fantastic on the screen and I couldn’t tear my eyes away! The colours were magnificent and the story moved at quite a quick pace that by the time I knew it, the movie was already over. I was sad because I didn’t want it to end!


Of course, I can’t write a review about the movie without mentioning some of the actors. Catarina Scorsone was brilliant as a grown up Alice. She had the perfect look for the role and even the outfit to boot! Kathy Bates was unrecognizable as the Queen of Hearts – well, I knew it was Kathy Bates, but the whole time I was watching, I couldn’t believe what an amazing actress she was! And then … <insert swoony sigh here> … there’s Andrew Lee-Potts, or Hatter (a.k.a. the MAD hatter in the original story). A special place in my heart is reserved for him because he stole it right from the get-go.  He was charming and quirky and I couldn’t help but smile whenever he was on screen!


I laughed, I swooned, and when it was all over I wanted to watch it again. There’s adventure, fantasy, and romance – surely something for everyone! Big thanks to Anne for the wonderful recommendation!


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  1. Thanks for having me, Anne! :) And thanks for the recommendation!

    • Anne says:

      You’re welcome, and thank YOU! I’ve been meaning to feature some of my old favorites anyway, and what better way than to get someone else’s view. I know my review would be very incoherent 😛 (aside from the occasional HATTER IS ADORABLE exclamation lol)

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