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You know what I love about television? Television is a way to extend a single story and make it last a really long time (even if you watch several seasons in a row years after the show went off the air, which I have been known to do). Because of this, there are certain kinds of television I just don’t like – reality TV shows are pretty much out, and most of the current craze of crime/cop dramas aren’t all that interesting to me either.

Every once in a while a really great show will come out that is actually concerned with the long arc. The writers have clearly planned out through at least the first season, and because they know where it’s going they thread the big arc through every single episode, even if it isn’t the main focus.

One of my favorite shows that does this isDoctor Who. I didn’t notice it at first – I was hooked enough on the time-travel idea that I made it to the end of the first season. And then they brought out the big guns – “Bad Wolf.” I hadn’t noticed it as I was watching, but HOLY CRAP they had a meme (for lack of a better word) throughout the entire season because they knew EXACTLY where the whole thing was going. My mind was blown – I hadn’t seen a long arc that good in a VERY long time!

Obviously, I’ve continued watching, and I have to admit, some seasons are better than others at the long-arc kind of thing. My personal favorite is season 5 and the crack in the wall. They did an amazing job at weaving the crack into every episode. They even made it affect the ones that weren’t related – the vampires in Venice came through one of the cracks, but there’s not another mention of the cracks anywhere in the episode! And! They hid a tiny little easter egg for those of us paying attention in an episode halfway through the season that was VERY IMPORTANT to the big season-long arc.

Then, at the end of the 5th season, I fell in love even more (if that’s possible) because they made it sound like they were going to make the arc EVEN BIGGER! They left tons of questions about why the events of season 5 happened, who made them happen, and most importantly, why the Ponds were so important. And now? The Ponds have left, their arc over, and of the questions we were left with at the end of their first season only ONE has been answered, and that one not particularly well in my mind.

Wait, what? You set up these questions, and then DIDN’T ANSWER THEM??? Why? You could have made the second, or even third Pond season arc about answering those questions (the third if you feel you MUST do the thing with River Song – while all the episodes this fall were okay, they were about on the level of a one-off special and didn’t DO anything important). And if you were never going to answer them, then why draw attention to them in the first place?

You see why I’m frustrated?

I will keep watching. A tiny part of me hopes that they gave up on the Pond story to make room for a much MORE epic storyline that I will love more. A larger part of me hopes that they’ll go back and answer the questions eventually anyway, doing with Amy and Rory what they did with Rose. But unfortunately, this is big-strike one. Too many more strikes, and I may have to say good-bye to my favorite TV show.

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