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This weekend I had the opportunity to go see The Hobbit again. It definitely wasn’t made for two viewings that close together – some of the slower parts had me zoning out and sleepy. But, it was still just as good the second time around, plus since I’d already seen it, I noticed more interesting details –  Kili (the only non-dwarf-looking dwarf) is the only archer and wears what looks suspiciously like an elven cloak, they used more music from the LOTR trilogy than I originally thought etc.

This got me thinking. There are so many ways that things can get better on a second watching, mostly because when you’re less plot-focused you have time to notice so much more. That’s why I can rewatch favorites over and over, trying to catch all the details. But there are some people who can’t stand watching something more than once. Case in point – my father, if he accidentally tapes a rerun of one of his TV shows, will watch just long enough to be sure he really has seen it (a minute or two) and then deletes it, no matter how long it has been and how much he might have forgotten. He loves his TV and movies, he just never wants to see the same thing twice. I’ve never understood that, but I can accept it as a way of life.

But now I’m curious. What makes a person so averse to repeats? Is it boredom? Is it that the ending is already spoiled? Is it just a time issue, or is it actually not fun to watch anymore?

Do you watch reruns of your favorite movies and/or TV shows? If not, why not?

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5 Responses to “Media Monday Discussion: Reruns”

  1. I LOVE watching reruns. We always buy the TV on DVDs of our favourite TV shows to watch before bed, or when we’re bored. They’re great! There are shows I could watch over and over, from Gilmore Girls, to House, to The Big Bang Theory. I like noticing things I hadn’t seen before, or looking for bloopers, or just reliving a story I had fallen in love with. I can watch movies lots, too. I think I may have an aversion to super long movies, but I will definitely rewatch them at some point.

  2. My dislike of reruns started off when I watched crime shows. There’s no fun rewatching something when you know who does it, because half the fun is trying to figure that out. I’ve learned to tolerate reruns, but seeing the same story line more than once is boring. I know what happens, why should I watch it again?

    Your post makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me for not liking reruns. =/

    • Anne says:

      That’s not what I meant at all! I just don’t understand it, which is why I wanted to discuss it. Probably some of that, for me, is that I don’t like many crime dramas. I’m a BIG STORY kind of person – I want every episode to relate to every other somehow, and many crime dramas don’t do that. Now that you point that out, I get it. I enjoy trying to figure it out too, and I usually do that the first time through, but I guess I also get satisfaction from going back to see what I missed. It’s a different kind of mindset, and that’s totally okay – without us all being different life would be boring!

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