Media Monday: Doctor Who is back!

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I know many of you don’t care about this quite as much as I do, but Doctor Who has returned! Despite series 6 being probably my least favorite of all New Who, I’m highly excited for this year’s return.We’ve been promised a season of high adventure, and a celebration like no other for the 50th anniversary.


With all that hype, I was completely prepared for Saturday’s episode to not live up. I don’t particularly like the direction they’ve taken the Ponds’ story line since the end of series 5 – they left themselves a wonderful playground of unanswered questions, and then just… ignored it. Um, what? So, while the episode wasn’t what I’d call amazing, it was pleasantly better than what I expected. I actually kind of liked the story arc with Amy and Rory, though I’m sad that they mostly wrapped it up within the episode.

The Doctor was also all sorts of lovely – he’s grown up, in a way from when we first met this incarnation at the beginning of series 5, but somehow he managed to keep the zany-ness that always makes me laugh. I especially love his obsession with the milk! And, of course, Amy narrating what the Doctor is thinking at the beginning of the episode made me laugh, mostly because she was spot-on!

But I think my favorite part of the episode was Oswin. She is so perfect – intelligent, able to hold her own against the Doctor and sweet at the same time. The twist at the end was heart-wrenching, after learning to love her. She’s so happy and optimistic that it’s almost like she’s a female version of the doctor – a much better one than River Song ever was!

One of the things that did disappoint me overall though is that this really didn’t feel like an opener episode. The past few seasons they’ve been very good at setting up the over-arching mystery of the entire series right from the get-go, and this one didn’t seem to do that. The mystery they set up (without really acknowledging they do it – you have to follow the news on the show to even get it) seems awfully simple for them. That doesn’t mean I’m not intrigued, but I am a little worried that they’ve puffed it up into this big epic thing… and it still won’t live up to the epic-ness of series 5, which remains my favorite series.

Ah well. Overall, the opening episode was a satisfying trek into Doctor Who world, which is all I really need, right?

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  1. Alexia561 says:

    Loved the opening episode! I didn’t really like the beginning set-up as I didn’t think it was realistic, but agree with you that Amy’s narration was spot on! And Oswin! Such a sweetheart, and I was really hoping that she would become the Doctor’s new companion. Excited to see where the series goes next!

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