Media Monday: Doctor Who Series 6

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My Review: Finally another Media Monday. It has been quite a few weeks since I’ve had time to see anything new but now we have the finale of Doctor Who to talk about!

First, let me just say this season was not my favorite. It was good enough and had some excellent episodes (“The Doctor’s Wife,” “Closing Time” and “The God Complex” to name a few) but overall it was a bit too timey-wimey and confusing to me. It felt a bit contrived to be honest. It was like someone said “What’s the biggest thing we can do?” and then “Let’s make it even BIGGER!” For me, that’s not what it’s about. What happened to the simple but poignant moments of episodes like “Human Nature/Family of Blood” or “Blink” or even “The Eleventh Hour?”

Luckily I think someone realized this. The Doctor even says at the end “I’ve become too big, people have begun to notice,” (or something to that effect). Maybe now we can go back to no one knowing anything about the Doctor when he shows up. Don’t get me wrong, unless they do something seriously drastic, I will keep watching the show. I’m particularly excited for the 50th Anniversary seris in 2013. There are rumors it will be the best season yet. I just hope they keep in mind that bigger does NOT always equal better.

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  1. Kate says:

    Come on, you've got to embrace Doctor Who for what it is. When they get it right, it is almost perfect and when they get it wrong… well, it's not a load of rubbish but it doesn't exactly dazzle.

    Granted, I've only watched the Matt Smith episodes, but I think I quite like it right now. His second series was definitely the best of the three so far though 😀

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