Media Monday: Green Lantern

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Title: The Green Lantern
Media Type: Feature Film
Director: Martin Campbell
Studio: Warner Brothers/DC entertainment
Genre: Superhero

My Review: Summer blockbuster season is in full swing and this is just the latest in a great summer lineup! Green Lantern is another superhero film that I knew nothing about before walking in. As you’ve probably figured out I was not allowed comic books as a kid, and they’re fairly difficult to find on the library catalog now. All I knew was what the trailers told us: 1) it’s a superhero with a green ring and 2) Ryan Reynolds is hot.

Visually, this is a gorgeously done film. The CGI doesn’t seem fake and the costumes were wonderfully detailed. The world was colorful and beautiful – I almost would watch it again just to see the sets. But the best part for me was the metaphorical implications of the story. For those who don’t know, Green is the color of “will” in this film. Hal is chosen by the Green Lantern ring to wield the power of will, supposedly because he is fearless, and he fights against Hector, representative of Yellow, the color of Fear. I won’t spoil it for you but the significance of the two colors and how events work out is actually a really good moral.

Having just seen and loved Thor this one wasn’t quite as impressive – I’m a sucker for stories that are set in the same universe and have little in-jokes in them (Captain America’s shield showing up in both Iron Mans, that type of stuff. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love that? lol). But it is a very well done film, and I’m looking forward to the second film they set up!

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    don't you think that the story of Green Lantern is short even though its movie length is same as the others?

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