Media Monday: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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*warning: This post is rated PG-13: contains some slightly unseemly language.*

Yet another Media Monday! I may start making this a regular meme, what do you guys think?

This week we’ll be focusing on what everyone’s talking about:

That’s right Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!

This isn’t really going to be a review. I think the work really defies reviewing, because of the amount of emotional baggage that comes with it for so many of us. I went into it not knowing what to expect. I am very good at separating books from movies, and so I wasn’t as worried as some about what they’d get right and what they’d miss. Even so, I’ve invested so much time and love into this series (both books and movies) that I still had some expectations.

The very first thing that came out of my mouth after the credits hit, tears streaming down my face, was “They got it right!” I could not believe how right they got it. For me, as long as they got it close, it would have been good enough. I would have been ok with a little disappointment as long as they made a good film, because I understand that a film can’t do everything. But there was no disappointment people. They got every single one of the important lines in, plus some lines that totally weren’t in the books but are my new favorites (“Harry talks in his sleep, had you noticed?”)! Neville was a BAMF, Ron was actually quite attractive, and Dumbledore said the line! I was so hurt and yet glad to see Hogwarts, the place I’d come to love, so absolutely defiled. It was as it should have been, and it was so well done that it physically hurt me to see it that way. (I’m also obliged to note that the friend who went with me was extremely excited that they actually redeemed the Malfoys – she’s a huge Draco fan.) Plus, the 19 Years Later scene was incredible! Hats off to the costume/make-up department.

But no matter what you loved the most, Alan Rickman completely stole the show. Now, I knew he was a good actor, cause I’ve seen him in other stuff. But the thing with playing Snape is that he had to be completely straight faced, unyielding in his hatred for Harry and just, well, the same all the time. That’s what makes the transformation so very striking. I almost hate them for what they did, because I was fine, right up until the pensieve scene. Then I started crying and couldn’t stop. I have never cried in a movie before, people. NEVER! But that scene was so moving, I just couldn’t help it (at least until the b**** two rows up started laughing at the shot of Remus and Tonks – you know, THAT shot. I swear I almost threw something at her. Even if you’re not here cause you love it, respect what it is for us, lady! RESPECT THE THING AND STFU!)

And of course, it can’t be a film review from me without a mention of the soundtrack. Despite how involved in the film I was, there were many places that the soundtrack was so well done I just couldn’t help but notice it (plus I’ve been to see it twice now – I always catch more on the second time around). The music was so haunting and empty – matching the way I felt about the last book the first time around – and then the places where they left it silent were perfect as well. I cried just as much because of the beautiful, hurtful music, as the beautiful, hurtful scenes it accompanied.

In the end (and I suppose it is the end) I am so very proud of what they have done with the story. Yes, there were some bad moments, and some films that I just won’t watch unless it’s a marathon. But as a whole this thing they have created is a beautiful, wonderful thing that will still be relevant for many years to come. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must. It is the closure we all needed to move on to the next chapter in our lives. Though Pottermore is coming up soon, the Harry Potter we all knew and loved is going to change once again through it. We can never get back this time, but it was so beautiful that it’s hard to be sad about that. So goodbye for now, Mr. Potter. In the words of Professors Dumbledore and Snape:

“Really? After all this time?”

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3 Responses to “Media Monday: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”

  1. Kate says:

    Such a lovely post! I almost completely agree with you on what you've said.

    You ended it completely perfectly, too. Such a wonderful note to leave things on.

    Yes, make this a regular thing, it's really enjoyable when I finally get round to checking out your blog again (sorry it took so long).

    Now, I'm going to tweet this post 😀

  2. Anne says:

    Thank you =) I'm glad you liked it! I thought that quote was particularly relevant for us fans, and a great place to end the post =) And yes, I'll try to make Media Mondays a thing, though it will depend on how often I go to the theater/get new soundtracks etc =)

  3. Brandileigh2003 (Blkosiner's Book Blog) says:

    Just wondering– I somehow missed the Remus and Tonks scene– what happened? I really need to go see again!

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