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Last night was the season finale of Once Upon a Time, ABC’s smash hit new drama about fairy tale characters forced to live in the real world, who all happen to have a severe case of amnesia. [More on the IMDB page] Since I’ve already talked about this show (possibly more than once) I’d like to do just an overview of things that were good about it. I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers, but to REALLY avoid spoilers, you should stop reading and watch it. Seriously, how many times do I have to tell you?

1) This is a Disney sponsored show, on at a time when kids can watch – in fact, I would say it’s at least half geared at kids. At the same time, I would call it the perfect “family” show. It has the fairy tale creatures and the semi happy endings that appeal to the younger crowd. It also has some very big issues about loyalty, love, belief and the meaning of happiness that are the perfect conversation starters.

2) As I was saying to a friend of mine, back when it happened, I am incredibly proud of the writers of the show for doing something that is practically taboo in American television, much less Disney. They killed a character. And it wasn’t just a villain! It was someone aiming for redemption, someone we actually liked (I threw things at the television when it happened). This seems to happen ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME to the characters I love in British television (I’m surprised Andy Lee Potts has lasted as far as I’ve watched in Primeval, if I’m honest! BTW if you know something PLEASE don’t spoil me on that one, I’m behind.) but it doesn’t happen in American, at least not in the prime time, non-cable mega-shows that I’m familiar with. I’m still not entirely sure I *trust* the death, because, well, like I said, it’s Disney, but SO FAR the death stands.

3) They got a composer, and actually PAID HIM TO DO HIS JOB! (At least I’m assuming they did.) Again, a difference I’ve noticed between the British TV shows I got hooked on and American TV shows is the music – a lot of this is because the BBC has money to throw at an in-house orchestra and any composer they want. In the US most studios think it’s a waste. But for Once (tee-hee that makes for so much pun!) they got Mark Isham to actually compose score throughout the series, going beyond a single cue for the opening credits and some basic incidental music that for the most part would have been indistinguishable from the hundreds of other series’ music. As a musician highly interested in film scores, this is a HUGE plus.

Okay, so it certainly helps that there are tons of really wonderful characters, and clever twists on the traditional fairy tales too. It’s almost like Disney is trying to fix the fact that they ruined a bunch of fairy tales by sugar coating them, so now they’re giving us the “uncorrected” versions of them – and I’m loving it! I can’t wait until the DVD’s come out so I can buy them and watch it again!

Oh, and PS, Once has been renewed for a second season! I can’t wait till it’s back on the air and they explain all that cr*p (aka STUPID CLIFFHANGER!) they just pulled!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Tis the season for cliffhangers. I swear it's giving us all ulcers! I didn't get into this show but everyone seems to be loving it. Maybe I should try to catch up on it before next season.

  2. Anne says:

    Oh I know, right? I hate May sweeps because nobody can seem to write an actual *proper* ending to anything! There's a reason I watch most of my television on Netflix – I'm taking a "summer" break halfway through season 3 of Buffy and halfway through season 4 of Chuck, because THAT's where it's comfortable to stop!

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