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It’s finally here! Premiere week for so many of the shows I’ve been looking forward to! Some were good, some were so-so, and I’m here to review them all! Please keep in mind that I’ve only seen one episode of each of these shows and my opinions may change if I choose to continue watching them.



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I’m hesitant to review this after only one episode. With any show the very first episode is going to require a lot of exposition, and Elementary seemed to have more than most. For one thing, they had to set up their version of the relationship between Sherlock and Watson – their very first exchange had me halfway to the remote, my heart sinking. But I toughed it out, and they redeemed it a little bit at least.

My main complaint about the story is Sherlock’s bi-polar switches from extremely astute and sociopathic to almost too human. The appeal of Sherlock Holmes for me is how frustratingly oblivious he is to humanity. Watson is necessary because he (or she) has to pull Sherlock back and be the public relations person in their partnership. While this did show up once in the episode, there were many times that Sherlock got emotional. To me, that means that he probably won’t be all that sociopathic – he’ll have too much empathy for others’ emotions. That’s the best part of Sherlock’s character. We love the sociopaths all the more just because they ARE so crazy – who doesn’t love Sheldon on Big Bang Theory right?

If I hadn’t watched the BBC’s version of Sherlock first I would have ended up loving this. I will probably continue watching for at least a few more episodes, in hopes that this Sherlock straightens himself out and stops feeling so much!

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

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AHHHHH! It’s back! It’s got magic! AND Mr. Gold didn’t go completely… magical, which I was really worried about because he’s my favorite!

Right from the start the show has a very different feel. It’s not just that they remember who they are, or that there’s magic. I felt slightly uncomfortable watching because that familiar town I was so excited about was completely gone. Of course it didn’t take too long before I was just as hooked again. What is going on in Storybrooke, what happened to fairytale land and where the EFF did that wraith thing come from! I’m sure it came from mythology or fairytales somewhere, and I just cannot think of where!

I am so excited to see where the story goes and I cannot WAIT until the next episode!



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Essentially The Hunger Games made for TV – talk about something that sounds like it’ll be great! I didn’t catch the entire episode, because Hulu was acting screwy, but I found the concept interesting. The backdrop was a strange mixture of medieval and modern. Every few scenes I would jump and think that somebody screwed up because there would be a piece of clothing or a random house in the back of the scene that was so obviously modern, but I think that’s the point of it. Once I get over jumping at every “anachronism” I think I could really get to enjoy the show.

There is a tiny tiny part of me, though, that wishes this were a book. As a TV show it will be really easy for them to sink into “monster-of-the-week” type writing (and considering the creator’s first big hit was Supernatural it’s probably something they’re good at) instead of focusing on the long term arc, which is the part I’m always the most interested in when it comes to television. A book would be all about the long-arc – that’s the only story we’d get – plus, I could get there faster than waiting a week between each episode! I’ll continue watching though – if they can continue the long arc, allowing it to surround the weekly episodes instead of hop over them, this has the potential to be a great show!


[As a side note, anyone else wish there were a TV channel where writers must submit their long term plan along with the spec script? Those long arcs are what keeps me interested in a show, plus knowing where you’re going beforehand makes for a much more coherent show in the first place! Ah well, we can’t have everything we want.]

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  1. I think I feel the same way about Elementary — if I hadn’t watched Sherlock, I might have liked it! But I don’t … I don’t think I’ll continue with it.

    Still have to watch Once Upon a Time! I loved the first season!

    As for Revolution, I’m not sure if I like it … I might give it ONE MORE episode. There are just too many things that bother me.

    • Anne says:

      I may continue Elementary because it’s something I can watch with the family, but if I were just watching for myself, I’m not sure I would. As for Revolution, I’ve still only seen the first episode – it depends on what they do with it and where they go from here before I decide if I’ll keep watching or not. Well, that and, FINDING TIME SOMEWHERE lol. I may give up on it for a while just because I have no time!

  2. […] I talked about all the premieres out this week in my Media Monday post […]

  3. Smash Attack says:

    LOVING Revolution. So hard. I love me some Billy Burke!

    I am tempted to watch Elementary b/c of Johnny Lee Miller, but I already have way too many shows lines up. GREAT season of TV this Fall!

    • Anne says:

      Oh he’s my FAVORITE! The main reason I’m going to continue watching after just the first episode :)

      The thing with Johnny Lee Miller is that he is SO GOOD that he is a completely different character than I’ve ever seen him play. I’m undecided whether I actually like this version of him or not…

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