Media Monday: The Ad-Bowl!

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I’ll admit it, I am NOT a fan of sports. Like AT ALL. I don’t mind a football game on in the background while I’m working on something just as noise, but I hardly ever watch the games. Lots of cheering happens, I look up to see who scored, and go straight back to work. Once a year, though, I sit down expressly to watch a game, or at least what comes with it – the Ad-Bowl!

I have to admit, this year’s commercials were fairly disappointing. There weren’t nearly as many good ones, and some of them I didn’t even get – according to a friend I was skyping with at the time, the Taco Bell old fogeys commercial was funny because the song was in Spanish and if you know the meaning of the real lyrics it’s ironic? Yep, missed it. Go Daddy’s “Combinations” one was just disgusting. NOBODY wanted to see that. The Budweiser Black Crown ones were beautifully done (reminded me of a Night Circus type midnight dinner) but the message was absolutely ridiculous. And what was with the trailers?! They were like, 90% of the reason I was watching, and we got something like 3 seconds of new material! Admittedly the new Cumberbatch line in the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was pretty good, but that was ALL WE GOT. And don’t even get me STARTED on Iron Man 3‘s gimmicks. A 5 second scene and then “go to facebook”? Um NO THANKS!

There were a few that I did enjoy, though.


M & M Super Bowl Commercial 2013

Image belongs to M & M

At first I was kinda like, really? That’s lame. Then we got to the second half and I laughed my way through it – “I won’t do THAT!” M & M almost always comes up with something that makes me smile and they didn’t disappoint this time.

Big Bang Theory:

Big Bang Theory Super Bowl 2013

Image belongs to CBS

When they started in on football, I zoned out. Then I realized it was Kaley Cuoco and started paying attention – BIG BANG THEORY! YAY! Although, why is Sheldon the one pointing out the thing about the pads? It still surprises me that he’s the one that knows the most about football.


Surprisingly the Coke commercial only played the once, BUT the musician in me geeked out that they used Scheherezade as the soundtrack – not only is that one of my favorite classical pieces, but I’VE PLAYED IT!


Superstition Super Bowl 2013

Image belongs to Budweiser (I think)

I still don’t know what these were for – some kind of beer maybe? But I actually really like the Superstition song, and found these really funny.

Budweiser Clydesdales:

Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl 2013

Image belongs to Budweiser

D’AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I love me some horsies, and that story was just TOO CUTE!


And of course there was the power outage – hilarious! Did they not think to TEST the power drain before the actual game? At first I blamed it on an angry Niners fan, but then somebody suggested Weeping Angels, which is a WAY better theory. 😛

Did you watch the Ad-Bowl? What was your favorite ad?

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  1. That’s hilarious about the power! I can’t believe it was out for so long!

    I never watched any of the commercials, but I’ll for sure be checking out the Big Bang Theory one — I love that show!

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