Media Monday: Thor

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Title: Thor (The Avengers collection #4)
Media Type: Feature Film
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Studio: Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios
Genre: Superhero

My Review: Show of hands, how many of you look forward to summer because of the abundance of good movies that come out? I know I do! (That’s not to say that good books don’t come out in the summer. They do, they just also come out year ’round. The really awesome films, however, get saved for the summer.) Well it’s that time of year again folks and I am super excited about so many things that are coming out this summer!

Now, I’ll be honest, it’s a little early in the season for the really epic stuff – there’s a reason they’re waiting ’till July for Deathly Hallows Part II – and I am not really a comics fan, so I didn’t really know that much about Thor going into it. All I had was a friend’s recommendation that I “had to see it” and a vague knowledge of Norse Mythology. But I figured it would at least be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Turns out, I am a superhero junkie! Thor was soooo GOOD! It followed the mythology of the Norse Gods, but at the same time they explained it in a way that could make sense, if I had to think about it too much. Thor’s powers were logically explained (for the most part) and realistically dealt with. The story dealt with big issues that are true of all humans, not just the ones with unusual powers and the characters were relatable despite their obvious differences.

But, let’s be honest, the real reason I loved the film? The eye candy! Both Thor and Loki are absolutely gorgeous! In this one case, I’m seriously Team Whoever-will-have-me! So much pretty!

Bottom line? Go see this movie! If you’re a guy there’s plenty of action scenes to keep you happy. Girls? Bring on the eye candy! It’s a win-win, for both!

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4 Responses to “Media Monday: Thor”

  1. Kate says:

    Eye-candy you say? You've won me round (: *Runs off to the cinema*

    I wasn't at all considering going to see Thor but, to be honest, I didn't really know all that much about the film. A side from the men, it still sounds like it'll be pretty damn good

  2. Anne says:

    I'm so glad I've convinced you! It really is worth the ticket to go see!

  3. Andrea says:

    I loved your review, Anne. You're right…the eye candy was mighty tastey 😉 I LOVE the Marvel movies, and "Thor" was incredible. I can't wait for "Captain America" to come out in July, but there are a LOT of other movies I'm looking forward to also this summer. Enjoy!


  4. Julie says:

    Awesome! Great review, Anne :) This poster is super hot. I think I will stare at it for awhile. I can't wait for Captain America. Have you seen the preview? It's in my fave era..WWII!

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