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OK, now I got that out of my system.

Review: When I decided to go see Tangled yesterday with a friend, I was a little worried I’d be stuck in a theater full of young children (we went to an early matinee showing) and end up thinking the movie was cheesy and not worth my time. I was SO proven wrong. OK, I’ll admit, I’m still a sucker for Disney stories, but they haven’t put out one that I’ve loved like the classics in a very long time. This one definitely made the running.

The main thing I liked was how they made the story of Rapunzel make so much more sense. I’ve been in a fairytales class this past semester and one of the things we talked about (in relation to Sleeping Beauty) was how so much was left out and the things that were left in made no sense whatsoever (cursing a baby to death because you didn’t get a golden plate? Really?). Tangled takes all these things that make no sense and makes them life-like and believable, simply by explaining differently, in a clever way.

I also loved that Flynn is actually not a prince. Granted, I can see the sequel being all about who he is and maybe, as he’s *SPOILER* an orphan he’s somehow related to royalty somewhere. But I sincerely hope not! I mean really, why can’t a thief save the princess just as easily as a prince? And “because it’s not convenient” is NOT an acceptable answer.

Despite this, I think my favorite characters were Pascale and Maximus. The animators made them the comic relief and they were so humanized it was actually funny! They had personality, unlike most “Friendly forest animals” that princesses sing to, and they were so well drawn that their opinions and personality were obvious even without lines. (I think Wall-E may have had something to do with improving this, but I digress.)

The only thing I was less than impressed with was the music. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t Disney’s best, and it certainly didn’t stick with me the way some other soundtracks. So overall I’d say a fabulous film, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with kids, or who is a kid at heart like me =)

That’s it for me until after Christmas (I need some time to actually read some of the books I have so I can do reviews!). I hope to make a few changes around the blog, since I have some time for designing things (like a button, and a few directory pages) but there will not be any official posts. So, have a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

(and for those of you who are obsessed like me, don’t forget to watch Doctor Who on Christmas Day – BBC America for those of us stateside, BBC 1 for you lucky people in the UK)

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  1. La Coccinelle says:

    I love this movie! Did you see it in 3D? I was blown away by the effect. Pretty amazing!

  2. Anne says:

    I didn't see it in 3D actually, 3D usually gives me a headache, and the theatre didn't have it that way anyways. But maybe someday.

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