Media Review: The Doctor Who Christmas Special!

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Finally a chance to review something Doctor Who! For those who don’t know, I am an avid Doctor Who (New Who) fan. I have watched every single episode since 2005 (in the past year and a half – I was not aware of it when it first came on as I live in boring old America in the middle of nowhere ergo no cable). There are so many wonderful things about the whole series that I could go on forever and ever. I have converted several friends to the Doctor Who phenomenon, and therefore have several people to discuss my obsession with in real life, but even my most obsessed friends get tired of hearing it. What can I say, I am obsessed.

But, to do my best to spare you excess squee-age, I am going to limit myself to a single post per episode mentioning Doctor Who (plus the countdown on the side when it’s not on) and if you don’t wish to hear about it (or don’t wish to be spoiled if you haven’t seen it yet) then you can just not read it.

Side note: These posts probably won’t be a review as such, because I’m slightly ADD about my obsessions, and because many of them will probably be far too excited to give a fair review. They will mostly be a collection of thoughts, more for myself and the few other obsessed fanpeople out there who care.

SO! Christmas Episode!
Officially: Series 6 Episode 00, Title: A Christmas Carol
Vague plotline: Amy and Rory are on their honeymoon on a ship that is about to crash if they can’t unlock the clouds to see where they’re going. The one man who can do so, Kazran Sardick, is a mean old miser who doesn’t care if they die. The Doctor sets out to change his mind with a little inspiration from Charles Dickens.


Wow. I mean, really, the Christmas episodes are usually just fun but wow! This one was meaningful too. I loved the epic moral question at the end – if you know you only have one day with your beloved left, but you can choose which one, which do you choose?

Loving the fact that the machine that resonates the clouds is made to look a bit like an organ! It almost gives it a Phantom of the Opera feel, especially with the underground fog lake (and the operatic voice Abigail has – duh, Katherine Jenkins is an opera singer)

The Doctor comes down the chimney! OMG yes please! =D

Nice little trick with the video thing, can’t imagine how awful it would be to watch your memories change. Weird though, how they did that. And what happened to the time paradox thing? Sure time can be rewritten, but does it really happen so that Sardick watches his memories change in the future? Cause if that’s the way it was, that’d be awful for everyone who has the Doctor show up in their lives. It’d be like (present) Amy not remembering the Doctor and then suddenly remembering (past) Amy meeting the Doctor and going to 4 psychiatrists without actually doing it – and that would just be weird. Anywho I’m skeptical. Makes for a great story though.

Half a screwdriver and it still works? Again, I’m skeptical, though I suppose it’s a possibility. They did the props really well to make it look believable at least. I’d like to point out that Moffat seems to have a thing for destroying screwdrivers – this is the second in a year, in all 4 previous series’ it was only destroyed once. But again, makes for a good story, so he can be forgiven.

I’m loving the flying fish! I agree with the Doctor “how did boring get invented?!” (again, Moffat seems to have a thing about fish – remember Amy’s list of Christmas presents from Santa? “Thank you for the dolls and the pencils and the fish?”)

Also loved the love story aspect. It was a tiny bit far-fetched, but so well played! P.S. Anyone catch what the Doctor says before “Don’t make my mistakes?” I’m so curious, but for some reason I can’t manage to figure it out!

The suspense around that number was killing me! I want to know what she was ill of now, because she doesn’t particularly seem ill. I thought maybe it was times the ice box could be used or something, though when she turned around to tell Kazran, I figured it must be something pretty awful about her. Still, I’m curious, she didn’t seem all that sick and Sardick has tons of money, why can’t he get her a Doctor? Or did she even die in the first place? Doctors can be wrong you know.

The only thing I’m really not ok with? How come Sardick can hug his younger self?! “Father’s Day” anyone? Let’s not have those really creepy time eater thingys come and spoil the moment, shall we?

And finally, Katherine Jenkins did a gorgeous job on the song at the end. So beautiful, so meaningful, and so full of the word silence! (anyone else catch that?) I’m hoping it’s significant, because I love to grab on to clues and put them together, but I may be reading way too much into it.

Anywho, there’s my thoughts on the Christmassy goodness from Doctor Who. Don’t worry, I won’t mention it again until Series 6 starts in April (which is far too far away, but such is life =/ )

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