Media Review: War Horse

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War Horse Poster Title: War Horse

Media Type: Feature Film

Director: Steven Spielberg

Studio: DreamWorks Studios

Genre: Historical Fiction, War Stories

Summary: [from IMDB] Young Albert enlists to serve in World War I after his beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. Albert’s hopeful journey takes him out of England and across Europe as the war rages on.

My Review: War Horse is not my typical choice for a movie. It is very serious, as it has to be for dealing with a war. And it is very sad. Plan for a box of tissues nearby or maybe three.

The thing I really liked about this film is how it presented the war, not as us against them, but as a bunch of men all doing the exact same thing at the same time, who just happened to be on opposite sides. While what the summary says is true, the storyline really follows the horse through the lines of battle. He travels from the English, to the Germans, to the French and back again a few times, allowing the audience to see all sides of the battle. Because of that, I would rank this at the very top of the war films. Whether I like war films in general or not, I personally think this one is THE ONE to have everyone see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it replaced All Quiet on the Western Front or… some of the others (not remembering titles right now) in school curriculums.


Bottom line: If you like War or Historical films this one is a definite must-see ASAP. Even if you don’t, you should probably add it to your watch list anyway – there’s a reason it was nominated for all those awards!

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3 Responses to “Media Review: War Horse”

  1. Suey says:

    I agree that the best thing about this movie (besides the horse, the dude, the cinematography, the music, the story etc.) was what you said about both sides just being guys caught up in their countries political mess… normal guys fighting a war. I LOVED the scene where they come together to cut the horse out of the wire. Wow.

  2. Anne says:

    Lol yes, there were soooo many good things about this movie. They had a really good cast, even the bit-parts were well played. And that scene is indeed amazing. I was really impressed with the cinematography as well as the way the lines flowed perfectly… just a really great film all around! 😀

  3. Alexa says:

    I think my boyfriend's mom is going to get this from Netflix soon so I should watch it with her when it comes in the mail. I'm sure it is a very well done movie that has one of those great heart breaking plot lines :)

    Thanks for the great review!

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