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Candace over at Candace’s Book Blog is hosting a 400 follower giveaway for which she asked us to show her our shelves. It’s only until Sunday, but I was away when the contest first started, so I wasn’t able to take pictures of my shelves and post them then. So, I’m posting them now!

These are my main shelves. They get me through about half the alphabet and as you can see they’re already overflowing.

This is my newest addition. Homemade last year just before I left for exchange (I think I put them up about 2 days before I left) and already full.

This is the remnants of my old bookshelves – I still haven’t managed to get everything out of the closet and into my room, though I’m getting closer, and I got all the important stuff.

This small set is meant to be my TBR pile, as well as books that I use but aren’t reading books (like my sketch book, and a few sudoku or other puzzle books). At the moment my TBR pile is all over my floor. What can I say, I’m a bit of a slob.

And finally, the newest ones, also homemade, set to go up today. These aren’t exactly bookshelves, but they’re going to take all the knick-knacks off of my dresser so I can change which dresser I have, and therefore have more room for bookshelves.

I also have one more set of shelves, not pictured, for CDs and DVDs which is pretty much overflowing as well. I have got to find more shelf space somewhere!

So, there’s my shelves. What do yours look like?

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4 Responses to “My Bookshelves”

  1. Candace says:

    Thanks for sharing! I do not understand why it's SUCH a thrill to see people's bookshelves, but it is! I've been thinking I really need some more shelves too because my books aren't organized in the way I would like them to be.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Hi, I discovered you blog from the hop. I too love seeing other people's book shelves, in a non creepy kind of way. You can always judge a person from their books. I see you have Pierce, McKinley, LoTR, and Harry Potter! May I ask where your Harry Potter book covers are?

  3. Anne says:

    @Candace: I always find it a rush because it always gives me good ideas!

    @Lizzy: The covers are languishing in my closet. I made the mistake of lending some of them out so the covers are really beat up. Plus, I have trouble keeping them nice myself. This way the covers stay nicer if I ever decide to use them again, and I can still read the books as much as I want.

  4. Madigan McGillicuddy says:

    I am trying to get my book collection whittled down to a shelf about the size of the one in your second picture.
    It's tough going!

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