Nanowrimo 2011

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Hands up, who’s doing Nanowrimo this year? *raises hand*

Now hands up, who has said that before and NEVER ACTUALLY DONE IT? *raises hand and looks embarrassed*

So here’s the deal. Due to several circumstances, most of them involving school, I became far too busy to do Nanowrimo last year, despite my promises to myself that I would. Heck, I was so busy I stopped blogging for a month. It happens.

IT SHALL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! I have most of a plot. I have lots of tea. I have ideas. I have a cheerleader (Thank you, Kate! =D) And most importantly, I should NOT have 10 different projects all due at once (during a week-long conference in Germany, no less). Now, I don’t feel quite so bad about this, because the truth is, I did write a novel last year. It took me from May to the very, very end of December, but it is FINISHED and I have something one might call the -1 draft ready for editing. So, for me, it’s less about writing a novel, and more about WRITING EVERY DAY. (This is actually my goal for nanowrimo – I tend to write with less words than most people, and so I’m very unlikely to actually reach 50,000 words before reaching the end of my story.)

As of this posting there are 7 DAYS LEFT before the madness begins. To all of you not participating, not to worry. I am so very behind on reviews that I should be able to schedule 2ish reviews per week before November even starts. The blog will not go dormant if I can at all help it. Also, I hope to live-blog occasionally (with inspiration from Beth Revis and Stephanie Perkins because they are awesome, and hilarious). In fact, I know Fridays will probably be my catch-up-days so I am tentatively scheduling live-blogging from Nanowrimo for every Friday in November. Which brings me to the actual reason for this post.

I thrive on friendly competition. I will probably be taking full advantage of any Word Wars that come my way, and will gladly accept bets or bribes of any kind in exchange for words finished in certain amounts of time. (As I make chocolate for a living, I imagine it would be quite easy to come up with some interesting forfeits if I lose said bets). But the main thing I’m looking for is other crazy people to share this with. The more the better! And the more people I tell, the less likely I will fail at this like I have for 6 YEARS IN A ROW!


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  1. Kate says:

    Aha, this is brilliant :) I'll keep my eyes open for these live-blogs 😀 Good luck!!! I know you'll do it this year, I won't let you not

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