NanowriMondays 2: How do you write?

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It’s that time of year again! Time for the more crazy among us to attempt to drive ourselves batshit insane! I mean… Time to write 50,000 words in 30 days! For the month of November I’ll be replacing my usual Media Monday posts with NanowriMondays (borrowed last year from Casey @ The Bookish Type, who sadly is no longer blogging). They’ll cover my progress, the frustrations and excitement, and some basics of the story I’m writing.

Is it Monday again already? Man this month flies past! This past week was pretty slow for me – I did some writing but I rarely made it to the daily word count. I was frustrated and angry, but I just didn’t have the time, and when I did, I was too exhausted to do anything about it. Then Wednesday or Thursday night (I forget which) I was talking to Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) and we were both complaining about the amount of THINGS we needed to do this weekend. So, we decided to have the Weekend of Awesome, in an attempt to get most of these things done. Friday was Nano day, and I wrote a whopping 7,500+ words! That got me within 200 of being caught up, and I was so proud of myself! Since then I’ve slacked off a little, so I’m back to being behind, but I am hoping, since today is a holiday and the library isn’t open full hours, that I’ll be able to get quite a lot of that in. And if not, I’ll make Kristilyn do some word wars with me – I rarely win, but I get a TON of writing done :)

One of the things that really helped me on Friday was getting my characters into an argument. They’re kind of mad at each other anyway, left over from their first book together when they both told major whoppers to each other, so it wasn’t too hard. All it took was putting one of them in mortal peril and suddenly they were screaming at each other! I’m not sure why but I’ve always had an easier time writing conversation (or screaming spats lol) than the rest of the stuff. While I love description and all, I tend to let the editor creep back in and tell me all the things I’m doing wrong if my characters aren’t talking too loud to hear her. Of course, this is all well and good, but I can’t very well write an entire novel out of conversations either…

How about you? Do you prefer writing conversation, or the descriptions in between?

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2 Responses to “NanowriMondays 2: How do you write?”

  1. I can usually be forced into a word war — just say the word!

    It’s funny because LAST YEAR I had no problem writing tons of descriptions. I think I was scared of writing conversations, but THIS YEAR I’m very much into my characters actually talking to one another. It’s great!

    And yes, this month is FLYING by! How did we get to the 12th already?

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