Outlander Read-Along: Week 2

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Week two of the Outlander Read-along already! And I’m again reading the pages on the Sunday night before *sigh* what can I say, I’m a procrastinator! You can find this week’s participant posts, and the questions for next week here.

1.  Claire has been given the task of healer at the castle. She must adapt her nursing skills for the time and learn what herbs and etc will cure each particular ailment that is presented to her. Do you have any home remedies that were passed down to you (cure for a cold, bee sting or what have you)?

I don’t think I do – we do a lot of diy stuff for around the house (I build my own bookshelves, Freezer/TV dinners are practically taboo, we don’t turn the A/C on unless absolutely necessary etc.) but remedies not so much. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is hot tea for a sore throat – my mother always made me orange flavored herbal tea with honey and lemon in it, and to this day I find that drink really comforting.

2. What do you think would be the biggest challenge of living in the past? (Clothing, hygiene, food, etiquette or etc.)

Honestly? The attitude towards women. I always like to think that I would do better in a past time, because there’s lots of rules about how to act toward people, and I’m good with rules (well, memorizing them at least). But, at the same time, I would absolutely hate being forced to sit around doing needlework or what have you because I wouldn’t be allowed to learn anything, or read too much or any number of other things that I enjoy as well. That said, I do enjoy a lot of things that aren’t exactly recent hobbies, and I could hold my own at needlework, so maybe I’d be fine.

3. Do you have a favorite character, scene or quote so far? If so, share it with us.

Nothing sticks in my mind at the moment. I’m starting to like Claire, I guess, because she is so resourceful and adaptable. Oh and I really liked Gailie Duncan! She was fun :) But nobody has really made it to the level of favorite yet.

4. What did you think about the addition of the blood bond in the wedding ceremony? Is this something you would do with the one you love?

Here’s the thing – I have an irrational fear of pain. It’s silly because I am perfectly fine experiencing pain. At age 5 I had to have stitches in my MOUTH because I fell and split open the gums above my front teeth, and the dentist said I was the first patient he’d ever had in for stitches my age that didn’t cry. But the idea of pain has me cringing so badly that I can’t watch that one scene from Of Mice and Men (you know, the one where Lenny crushes a hand) without turning away and gagging. Therefore, I have to say that I would never agree to such a thing in advance. If they surprised me with it, though, I’d probably be okay with it. I mean, it makes sense in their culture. I’d cringe a bit at the thought of blood-borne illnesses, but that’s all.

5. Are you reading along closely with the scheduled chapters or are you ahead or behind?

I am actually 100% up to date and not a single page further! This is mostly because I’m reading other books too, so I set it down last Sunday thinking I’d read a few pages here and there all week. Then it was about, oh, 3 pm on Sunday and I realized I hadn’t read them yet. OOPS! That said, considering where we stopped, I may not stay on track very long. It’s suddenly getting interesting!


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  1. I totally think I’m meant for an early time, even the wild west. But I would not do well with simmer down little lady. That’s why I think Wild West…the next Calamity Jane. Frontier women worked along side their men.

    • Anne says:

      See, I always thought so too. I’m good at the whole make-do kind of thing, I love camping, don’t mind getting a little dirty – I’d do okay. Except for the whole “women are stupid” thing. *sigh* Oh for ancient days but with enlightenment! lol

  2. Jae says:

    Yeah, the thought of getting some illness from blood was my first thought at that scene. Then again, it’s the 1700s and I’m not sure how many diseases people got back then from that.

    And the way women are treated would be a concern for me. Especially when the men get drunk, they just tell the women to go away, as if the men can’t be held responsible for their behavior once they’ve been drinking. That’s so unacceptable! Drunk or not, they should treat women better, in my opinion. I would not be a happy camper if I lived back then.

    • Anne says:

      I love that just about everybody has said “the way women were treated” lol You can tell we all have firm ideas on that subject 😛

  3. It IS getting interesting! I totally read ahead a little and I am not ashamed to admit it!! The attitude toward women is what gets to me as well, I would definitely have a problem with being looked at as the “weaker sex.”

    • Anne says:

      I think I’d get mad but then I’d have fun manipulating the CRAP out of the idiots who didn’t think I was smart enough to do anything of the kind. *That* part at least would be highly amusing 😛

  4. That’s great how DIY you are! I wouldn’t even know how to build my own bookshelves, but it would be worth a try! I’d probably make one that isn’t strong enough and it would collapse under the weight of my books!

    I have a fear of pain, too … I can’t even imagine what would happen if I broke a leg or an arm — I would probably pass out and then complain the WHOLE time until it heals. Knock on wood that that doesn’t happen …

    Good for you for sticking to the schedule! I’m trying to stay at least 1-2 chapter from the schedule, trying not to stray too far. I’ve read it before, though, so it’s okay to stick to it. :)

    • Anne says:

      I’ll admit, I get a lot of help from my dad on the shelves thing, but the main trick is making sure they’re 100% square so they can support themselves (and not using crappy wood – we go to Home Depot and get the good stuff).

      See, I’m okay once the pain has happened. I guess you’d call it a high pain threshold – I’ll put up with a lot. But the IDEA of pain has me cringing and whimpering in the corner, which is why I am AWFUL at taking shots lol.

  5. My husband works in the heat, not outside, but in places where it’s well over 100 degrees on a regular basis. If I didn’t have the air on for him in the summer, I think he would kill me, haha. But you sound like my in-laws, I feel like I can’t breathe in their house sometimes.

    How women were treated in that time didn’t even cross my mind for this question, does this make me horrible?!

    Maybe I should have read other books while reading Outlander and then I wouldn’t have read SO far ahead…

    • Anne says:

      Oh the A/C thing isn’t by my choice lol, it’s just that my dad is pretty cheap, and I can’t afford to move out yet.

      I don’t think it makes you horrible! Historical fantasies can tend to gloss over the nastier bits and glamorize the rest of it, so it’s easy to forget.

  6. Marianne says:

    I’m reading other books also but they’re causing me to fall behind!

  7. I don’t know if I could handle the way women are treated back then. I’m a smart alick and like to run my mouth sometimes, lol. I’d be in a lot of trouble all the time.

    Geillis is definitely a character to keep an eye on. 😉

  8. Lauren says:

    Wow. DIY people are always so adaptable, so I’m sure you’d find something that you could excel at! But I agree about the roles of women. The way that young girl was almost beaten because of getting to close to a guy (and notice no guy was punished!), really upset me. Of course Jamie saved the day :). But that would also be a problem for me.

  9. Oh yes, the pain thing. You have me cringing reading just the sentence about Of Mice and Men and your dentist appointment!

    I won’t lie – Jamie is my favorite. No secret there. :)

  10. Heidi says:

    Hehe, I’m glad I’m not the only one able to stay on target with the scheduled reading because I’m ‘cheating’ on Outlander with other books. I’m with you though, I’d have a hard time taking my proper roll as a woman in the past, but considering my two big hobbies are reading (well, maybe that would be an issue) and knitting, I might get on in that way.

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