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Review Policy:

Please note: Due to time constraints, I am unable to accept any unsolicited review requests at this time. Thank you for your consideration.



I am only considering YA, Fantasy and Sci-fi genres right now, and I am unable to accept unsolicited requests for self-published books. I am able to accept either Nook compatible eBook formats or paperback copies at this point.

All reviews are published here, and on GoodReads. Reviews published here include title, author, summary, picture of the cover, and publication date if provided.

I am also glad to host giveaways or interviews upon request. I will not, however, devote more than two full posts to your book.

Please allow at least two weeks between the time of your request and the day you would like your review, interview or other post published. I reserve the right to reject any request made with less than 14 days lead time. If posting dates are not specified, posts will be published on the next free posting day after they are finished, or one week before publication date, if the work is not yet published.

All reviews are my own honest opinion, and are provided without compensation.


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Creativity's Corner is NOT accepting any review requests at this time. Thank you for your consideration.