Book Review: Agatha H and the Airship City

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Agatha H and the Airship City Agatha H and the Airship City by ,
Series: Girl Genius Novels #1
Published by in 2011
Pages: 264

Adventure! Romance! Mad Science!

The Industrial Revolution has escalated into all-out warfare. It has been eighteen years since the Heterodyne Boys, benevolent adventurers and inventors, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Today, Europe is ruled by the Sparks, dynasties of mad scientists ruling over—and terrorizing—the hapless population with their bizarre inventions and unchecked power, while the downtrodden dream of the Hetrodynes’ return.

At Transylvania Polygnostic University, a pretty, young student named Agatha Clay seems to have nothing but bad luck. Incapable of building anything that actually works, but dedicated to her studies, Agatha seems destined for a lackluster career as a minor lab assistant. But when the University is overthrown by the ruthless tyrant Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Agatha finds herself a prisoner aboard his massive airship Castle Wulfenbach—and it begins to look like she might carry a spark of Mad Science after all.

My Review:

For those of you who don’t know, this book is a novelisation of the webcomic Girl Genius. I was introduced to Girl Genius about a month ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I got caught up by the end of the week (neglecting some possibly important other work) and I have been frustrated at the webcomic format ever since – mostly because I can’t get the rest of the story fast enough! So, when I found out there was a book, I was very excited! I wanted more of Agatha’s story, and here was the chance to get it.

Well, no, not so much. The book, it turns out, is simply a novelisation of the first three volumes of the Girl Genius Comics (they’re on volume 9 now). It did add some interesting back-story in a few places, and I loved the fact that it allowed us to see inside the characters’ heads a little more. But it was just the same story in a different format, which was slightly disappointing. On the other hand, it was a good story in the first place, so not much can go wrong, once you get past my (completely wrong) expectations.

In the end, I would recommend this book to anyone who has trouble with or is unsure about webcomic format. The comic is brilliant, and if you can handle it, start there, and read the book only if you’re an extreme geek (like me!) 

Oh, and can I just put in my vote for a movie of Girl Genius? I think we need more Steampunk films out there, and Girl Genius would lend itself so well to that format – I already have half cast it in my head. Film producers, call me!

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