Today we have Alissa, from The Grammarian’s Reviews with us. Alissa is one of my newer friends, but we seem to have EVERYTHING in common (down to blog birthdays – her 2 yrs is coming up in a few weeks, be sure to wish her a good one!). She happens to also be my partner in crime on our newest project The Book Sessions – reminder, tomorrow is the last day to sign up! Oh and she’s awesome. Did I forget to mention that? Cause she is!


1)    One of your regular features is Whip it up Mondays. Why do you like
cooking so much, and what is your all time favorite recipe to make?


I like love cooking because I love food. That’s what it ultimately boils down to. When I tell people I love food, their immediate thoughts are that I love eating food. Which, while true, isn’t the right answer. I love learning about food. Most days you can catch me watching either Food Network or Cooking Channel, for hours on end. And if you talk to me long enough, you’ll hear me spew random food/cooking facts into everyday conversation. So, actually, I love cooking because I love learning.

Now isn’t that the nerdy sort of answer you never expected?

It’s a bit hard to pinpoint a favorite recipe, because I enjoy making them all. But, if we’re going by “to make,” then I’ll say wontons. There’s nothing like making your own, with your very own wonton wrappers. It’s a long, slow process. But worth it!

2) You’re a self-proclaimed grammarian – what’s your biggest pet peeve
grammar rule?

Contractions/Possessions. Specifically, its versus it’s. Your/You’re also bothers me, but its/it’s hurts me down deep. I’ve seen its/it’s used incorrectly on the most official of websites, magazines, newspapers, etc.


(Also: spelling. Specifically the spelling of “definitely.” Because it’s sure not “definately.”)

3) If you could travel to one Literary Location, where would it be and why?

Stratford-upon-Avon, for the more literal approach.


Hogwarts for the bookish approach.

4) Describe your “perfect” book – that one book you wish somebody would
write because you just KNOW you’d love it!

Not to call JKR out or anything, but…


The “perfect” book for me would detail either Draco Malfoy’s life, or Tom Riddle’s. Perhaps both? I can’t get enough of the two of them. I’m all for getting a behind-the-scenes look at the “bad boys.”


Although I also love contemporaries with a horror twist. So if someone could write one scary enough that I’d be afraid to turn the lights out, that’d be awesome. ‘Cause they’re just never scary enough.

5) Tell us one thing that the blogosphere doesn’t know about you?

I’m a Spelling Bee winner. And proud of it.

And a list of some favorites to round it out:
Favorite book to promote?


The Half-Life of Planets by Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin.

Favorite non-blog/reading thing to do?


Cook! Drink coffee!

Favorite advice to give to other bloggers?


You’ll never know if you don’t try. Don’t be afraid to start something new, even if it flops.

Favorite post on your blog?


Dear bloggers,

An open love letter to the community for all of our hard work.

Favorite part of the book blogging community?


The people and the love for reading.

Thank you so much, Alissa, for stopping by!

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6 Responses to “Say “Hi” to Alissa from The Grammarian’s Reviews”

  1. Alissa, I love watching Food Network, too! I’ve learned a lot about cooking, even if I don’t use that knowledge much.

    And, of course, you know I’m with you on all things grammar related. My biggest things lately have been when words that should be plural are written with ‘s, and when “myself” is not used correctly (it’s a reflexive pronoun!).

    • Alissa says:

      :O We have never talked about Food Network.

      And don’t get me started on the plural stuff. It’s rampant on Twitter.

      • Anne says:

        I wish we had cable so I could watch Food Network. I used to all the time in the dorms when it was free lol. I think I’d only ever watch Food Network and BBC America though, so it’s probably not worth buying a cable package just for those two :/

        I’ll admit, I almost didn’t put that question in there, Alissa, because I was worried it’d be something I have trouble with, like over/under-use of commas or something lol. I like grammar a lot, but there are some rules that just don’t stick in my head for some reason!

  2. Alissa says:

    Thanks for having me on your site, Anne! Hope you’ve had a very merry blog birthday week! :]

    P.S. You are also awesome.

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