Say “Hi” to Julie from That’s Swell!

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Today’s blogiversary post is celebrating one of my best blogging friends, Julie from That’s Swell! Julie has been with me though all the ups and downs of blogging – always at the other end of the internet to encourage me or talk me through whatever problems I’m having.
1. Your blog has such an interesting retro theme! What got you interested in that time period and what is your favorite thing about it?
Thank you! I’ve always been interested in different time periods, particularly the 1940s. This probably stems from the fact that my grandparents were in their 20s during this time and it would have been cool to know them, then! My grandmother and two friends visited Europe during the summer of 1939 and came face-to-face with Hitler. My grandfather served in the Pacific Theater. I’m a big WWII buff. Aside from this, I love the clothes, the movies, and the HomeFront effort, but these were also troubling times — at home and abroad — which makes it fascinating to me.
2. You have an internship with an agent — can you tell us a little about it?
Sure! I’m a remote intern for Sara Crowe with Harvey Klinger. I read adult and YA manuscripts that are submitted via queries she’s already accepted. I’ve read some really cool YA stories! I hope some of them get published! But I’ve passed on a few, as well.
3. You don’t talk about it much on your blog but you have a strong interest in television — where did that come from? Care to recommend a few favorites?
I love television — more than movies! I’ve always enjoyed dramas, but I became more and more interested in television when I decided to become a screenwriter. I first wanted to write feature films, but once I took a class in How to Write the Television Drama…everything changed. Most of the scripts I write are for TV, even if it’s a miniseries. I mostly watch cable television, and a few shows on network channels. My faves are: The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, White Collar, Hawaii Five-O, Downton Abby, and Homeland. Lately, I’ve been watching Desperate Housewives on Hulu and Weeds on HBOGo. I rarely watch comedies, but I do like Episodes. I’d say my fave show of all time is Sex and the City.
4. You review a lot of different genres that are very diverse — is there any one kind of book you prefer over others? Why?
I read a variety of books because I’m a mood reader and become easily bored. I enjoy reading YA books the most. As of late, my blog has been a mixed gambit, but it’s going to go back to being strictly YA. I’ll review a mixture of genres on my HuffPost blog. I love YA because so many stories are out of this world — literally and figuratively. I think some of the YA books are better than what’s out there in the adult fiction market.
5. Where do you see your blog in a couple of years? Anything you hope to change?
Wow! I have no idea. That’s a tough question. I hope to continue putting out solid reviews and author interviews.

1. Favorite book to promote?
Eeek! I have so many favorite books. But for…2010: Beautiful Creatures and Fallen; 2011: Divergent and Switched; 2012: Something Strange & Deadly…and the year isn’t over yet!
2. Favorite non-blogging/non-reading activity?
Watching TV (obviously), playing golf (but it’s too hot right now), cooking Giada DeLaurentiis and the Barefoot Contessa recipes, going out to eat, and going on vacation.
3. Favorite advice to give other bloggers?
Just be yourself! Read and review the books you want to. But I think it’s extremely important when writing a negative review to be constructively critical and not nasty. We have too much nastiness in our world now, we don’t need it on our blogs! Also, don’t be afraid to contact authors for interviews and publishers for ARCs (if you want them). The publishers I’ve connected with are extremely nice and giving.
4. Favorite post?
Interviewing Amanda Hocking and my Halloween posts with Yvonne Woon and Lia Habel because I asked them crazy questions!
5. Favorite part of the book blogging community?
I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made (like you, Anne) and meeting authors, connecting with publishers, lit and publicity agents. I just interviewed Susan Dennard via Skype. It was such a blast. I’m a huge fan of her book, so it was like meeting J.K. Rowling, to me. Of course, I enjoy receiving books, but I just love to write. Writing reviews is another outlet for my creativity. I wouldn’t be reviewing books on the HuffPost, Common Sense and a local magazine if it wasn’t for my blog! I know for most people blogging is a hobby, but for me it’s part of my writing career. My goal is to one day review books for The New York Times Book Review and NPR.
Thanks for having me on Creativity’s Corner!

Thank YOU for joining me, and thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me over the past few years!

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  1. Julie says:

    Aww! We have to Skype soon! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in a few weeks. Happy Blog Birthday :)

  2. Holy crap! Face to face with Hitler. Wild!

    I love all things retro too. I think it started with vintage furniture and built from there.

    I LOVE Giada and The Barefoot Contessa! I didn’t know you liked to cook.

    You review on Common Sense? Too cool.

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