Times, they are a-changin’

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As you might have seen on my Clock Rewinders post on Sunday, I got into grad-school! The offer was a (very) good one, and so I signed the next three years of my life away. At first I felt all:

Who da man gif

Not me. I’m da WOman!

But then I sat down and really began to think. The past two years have been amazing – I’ve taken the time to really figure out my blogging style. I’ve had time to hang out with all of you in the comments and on Twitter. I’ve participated in events, read tons of books and really fallen in love with blogging “my way.” It was great, because I had the time. I could spend entire days working only on my blog if I wanted to.

All of that is about to change. I’m going to be trying to complete two Masters degrees, each of which, taken separately should take approximately 2 years, in just 3 years. On top of that, one of those degrees is a research based degree, requiring lots of papers, and “strongly recommending” presenting research at national conferences on a regular basis. I’m also hoping I can get a part-time job to help with bills and get experience for my resume. Instead of having lots of free time for blogging, I have a funny feeling a lot of my time is going to look like this:

Cheezburger: Work - I is on top of it

When it’s not on top of me, burying me alive

What does all this babble mean?

Basically what all this means is things are going to change around here. First of all, starting Monday I am cutting back to 3 posts per week. That way, I can spend the summer getting ahead so I can spend the first few weeks, or maybe even a month, settling in and not worrying about the blog. The revised schedule will be as follows (days with a / between two types of posts indicate a bi-weekly rotation):

Monday: Media Monday / Bookish Bucket List

Tuesday: Open

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Open

Friday: Wanted / Discussion post

Saturday: Open

Sunday: Clock Rewinders

Creativity’s Corner wants your help!

That’s right, I am also asking for your help! To help fill up some of those open days, I am looking for 1-2 associate reviewers.

The details:

  • An associate reviewer would post 2-4 reviews a month in any genre besides straight-up erotica (I link to the Children’s Resource Center at work, and would prefer not to put any unsavory material where they can find it).
  • I’d also appreciate willingness to occasionally take over a feature or discussion post for a week (say exam week, or “RESEARCH PAPER DUE YESTERDAY” week), but that’s not necessary. Anything beyond that is welcome, of course, but further involvement would be up to you.
  • Everything else is negotiable – if you’re worried about anything, don’t hesitate to ask.

You might be interested in this position if: a) You’ve always wanted to blog but don’t want to start your own blog just yet, b) You’re in a similar time-crunch predicament, can’t keep up on your own blog, but would still like to post reviews somewhere, or c) You read so much that you can’t post all your reviews on your own blog.

If you’re interested, please email me through the Contact form with the following information:

  • A little bit about yourself
  • The kind of books you like to read and review
  • Why do you think blogging is important?

For those of you who don’t fit any of the categories above, and aren’t interested in the position yourself, please spread the word! You never know who of your friends and/or followers might be interested!

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5 Responses to “Times, they are a-changin’”

  1. Looks like a great plan, Anne! And I like that you’re starting right away. Like I said, I think it’ll help you get ahead!

    My fingers are crossed for you finding an associate reviewer! :)

  2. Hope you find someone that you will work great with. I love your blog and would have loved to have been a part-time associate 😀 However, I struggle to keep up with my own blog LOL

  3. I’m so happy you got into graduate school. The hard work will be a great investment in your future. I love your blog, but you don’t need to post every day. Anyhow I hope you can find somebody.

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