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Have you ever wished you could find that one book that was about _____? Have you ever found yourself wondering what a book with a certain kind of theme or message would be like? That’s exactly what “Wanted” is all about. A semi-regular feature, I use “Wanted” to talk about all those books I wish I could find that nobody seems to have written yet. If you happen to know of some books that fit my criteria, I would love for you to send them my way through the comments!

I like my novels pretty diverse, when I can get them that way anyways. Reading a novel with a character that could be characterized as “minority” gives me an opportunity to learn more about them after all! And recently novels have been much better about featuring more “unusual” cultures and people. But one I have yet to see with any prevalence is Native American. I remember when I was still in Elementary school my dad brought me a book called Walker of Timeabout a young boy who travels back to live with his Hopi ancestors, and I loved it! The culture was so different than what I knew and the novel gave me a very different perspective from the dry textbook versions I’d known.

Since then I’ve kept my eyes open for more novels that explore Native American cultures, and as far as I can see, they’re few and far between! Granted, that may be because I prefer a little bit of fantasy, but the Native American cultures have a very rich religion that would make for an interesting fantasy setting, don’t you think?

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